Brevent 25.02.2011

Yesterday afternoon i took one of the last cabins up to Brevent with Felix Hentz and Patrick Lindqvist to go shooting with the magic colors of sunset and sunrise and to get the feeling for our imminent trip to Iceland. We had a great dinner and good time To see more beatiful images of Patrick … More Brevent 25.02.2011

Tour Ronde SouthWest – Cachè Couloir 23.02.2011

3500 m ; 50 m 45°, 250 m 40°; SouthWest ; D ; 4.3/ E2 Today we went skiing the Cachè Couloir, better known ironically as “Seb Montaz Couloir”, an alternative entrance to the Brenva Glacier. This Couloir has been skied for the first time in January 2009 by Davide Capozzi, Francesco Civra and friends. … More Tour Ronde SouthWest – Cachè Couloir 23.02.2011