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“Orgasme Cosmique” 21-22.04.2012

I left Chamonix at the end of march and was summer and when i came back from Norway in the middle of April was winter again and loads of snow fell in 3-4 days.
I had a great session of 4 of those days.
The first day back in the valley i had 12 laps on the top of Grands Montets (16200 m of vertical difference in perfect powder).
The second day was time to go up to the Aiguille du Midi for something more tasty.
Once again the Compagnie du Mont Blanc opened earlier than aspected; we lost the first bin and Brendan, Sylvain, Daniel and i found ourselves involved in a pretty stressfull speed abseiling race into the Cosmique Couloir.
The snow was 60 cm deep and we rode it in GS turns.
Lower down we skied the Parà face in perfect condition, probably the best freeride face in Chamonix.

Sylvain Reynaud


Brendan O’Sullivan


The beautiful Parà face

The second day, the amount of snow at the top of the Aiguille du Midì was just ridiculous!
The ropes on the ridge were completely buried under the fresh snow
I love those spring sessions when it snows every night for several days and it is bluebird sky during the day.
It took us almost one hour to open the traverse in 1 m of snow.

The run has been sick, one of the best five Cosmique ever (i rode it at least 100 times).
With those conditions it is one of my favourite runs in the world ; few steep turns at the top, several GS turns, drop of the middle section rockband and few more gs turns down to the glacier (..and there are still 1200 vertical meters to go).
We rode down the Bossons glacier because there was no way we could have made the traverse back to la Parà in over 50 cm of fresh snow.

On the ridge outside the cave

Ben Briggs flying above the middle section cliffs


We went straight up again for a second lap on the glacier Ronde, we traversed back and skied la Parà…One of those days!!!

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