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FREERIDERS (English version) – UOMINI E NEVE (Italian version)

I’m glad and proud to have been featured in the new book ( Versante Sud ) of Martino Colonna and Franz Perini dedicated to Freeriding and Big Mountain skiing.

Freeriding is not only a sporting discipline but also a mental one. It is the mind which pushes a rider to challenge his own limits and face up to an extreme descent, or set off to explore an unknown region.
It is this interior aspect which comes out most in Freeriders. Eighteen interviews with skiers and snowboarders, both present and past, who have left their indelible mark on the world of freeriding and powder. Through their words and stories the profound reasons emerge which pushed them to face up to challenges and sometimes even risk their lives to feel free and leave tracks on their dream slopes. For many of them choosing freeriding was not the easiest option. They abandoned a much easier and less dangerous path, in order to express themselves in a way which represented them most, that is, with freedom and being in contact with nature. The lines they have tracked are partly the signature of their soul and their way of being. For this reason, at the end of the interview, each of them has described a line which best describes themselves, a line which to all intents and purposes is a symbol, a signature which has marked the evolution of freeriding.




Ane Enderud : Female Power
Bruno Compagnet : The Jedi Master of Freeriding
Anne Flore Marxer : Femininity and Positive Energy
Emilio Previtali : The Director
Paolo Tassi : The traveler
Glen Plake : The most influential skier of the last 35 years
Karina Hollekim : The Search for maximum Happiness at all costs
Markus Eder : The Future
Marco Galliano : An High Altitude Tourist with Snowboard
Taro Tamai : The Zen Spirit of Freeriding
Chris Davenport : Style
Stefano de Benedetti : The Master of Impossible
John Falkiner : Free the Heel, Free the Mind
Luca Pandolfi : The Mystic Rider of Steep Lines
Giulia Monego : Determination and Sweetness
Stian Hagen : The Technique
Tone Valeruz : The Magician
Xavier de Le Rue : The strongest snowboarders in the world, Full Stop!

There are definitely some Characters here !!

Here are 4 of the 14 Pages dedicated to my Profile.

Pandolfi 1

Pandolfi 2

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