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Hidden turns 21.01.2014

Couloir Caché

The beginning of the season has not been one of the best i remember, especially if compared to last year.
Thin snow base, dangerous snowpack and my injured knee did not allow me to go for it like i am used to.
I have been riding mainly on the Italian side where the snow coverage is better, the atmosphere more relaxed, food and coffee “slightly” better.
January brought some good fresh snow on the Italian side, making the riding more interesting.
Yesterday with my friends Tom grant, Minna Riihimaki and Kirsty Lehtimaki we went to have a look at the Couloir cachè (Hidden Couloir) that we thought has not been skied yet this season.
The Couloir Caché is an alternative entrance to the Brenva Glacier, opened by the Italian local crew on January 9th 2009.
The couloir is accessible with 2 60 m long diagonal rappels; it is possible to ski the second exposed pitch avoiding the secong rappel and saving time.
It was a sweet sunny day, no one was around and we found 5 stars snow.
Winter is finally starting and the game is on.

At the Col

First Rappel

Tom Grant

Minna & Kirsty
Minna and Kirsty; It does not happen so often to share a belay station with such hot and shining smiles

Kirsty on the second exposed traverse

This is what i like the most, opening the gas on big mountain lines



Luca & Tom
Me opening the line and Tom dropping in; Thanks to Dave Searle ( for the shot !

Tom full speed and great sluff management




The girls know how to play




Mont Blanc
No words ! The Majestic view of the Brenva basin and the south face of Mont Blanc

2 comments on “Hidden turns 21.01.2014

  1. David ha detto:

    Hi Luca
    Very nice first year ski run!
    Did you go out of the brenva crossing the glacier to the skiers right or did you stay on the left skiing the exposed lower part?
    Say hi to Kristy, we skied the couloir du Diable together last April

    "Mi piace"

    1. luca ha detto:

      Hi David, we skied down in the center using the central exit in the canyon under the big serac. Normally you can carry on skiing the left bank of the glacier and then the moraine (after the canyon exit) but this time there was not enough snow so we had to cross to the right bank and that s a bit tricky cause you have to cross a couple of ice gullies created by the seracs falls.

      "Mi piace"

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