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WEISSHORN – East Face 29.05.2015

4506 m ; 1100 m, 1000 m 49° ; East ; TD+ ; 5.4/ E4

There are mountains that seduce me from the first time I see them.
They quickly become an obsession, monopolizing my secret dreams,locking my being into the dark room of imcompleteness.
The only way to free my soul and get back to fly again is to face my ghosts and go to ride them.
This is one of my top 5 favorite mountains in the world, located in a wild, remote and magic place, with a 1100 meters long line on its massive East face.
Thanks to internet nowadays is easier to have a better idea about the conditions of a far mountain like this one, with such a long, interminable approach with heavy weight on your back.
Me and Matteo had another epic adventure !
Ashamed for those clouds that partially ruined the party on the last couple of hundreds meters, preventing the sun to melt the snow.
My camera died in the fog just before the descent.
We found some great snow from under the serac until the bottom.


4 am, passing the Bergshrund

Myself enjoying some good snow under the massive Serac

The top part did not see the sun during the whole day

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